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History of Lighthouse Baptist Church

3502 US Rt. 60

Our grand opening service was on March 4, 2001. We had 44 people in attendance with 6 people trusting Christ as their Saviour and 5 of them following the Lord in believer’s baptism. We held our charter service on June 3, 2001. It was in this building that we held our first annual “Harvest Sunday” with 121 people in attendance. It is amazing what people will do to see their Pastor kiss a pig! Our first building holds many precious memories for our church. We were in this building for 19 months.

1407 US Rt. 60

After weeks of hard work and remodeling to the building, we moved into our second location in November of 2002. This was a great location that enabled us to have 4 Sunday school classes and a nursery. Our church continued to steadily grow and mature. We had a high day of almost 300 in this building during “Harvest Sunday”. It was in this building that we officially started our bus ministry with a van donated by the New Testament Baptist Church in Big Springs, WV. We were in this building for 25 months.

886 Norway Avenue

An old abandoned grocery store is what most people would see, but we saw potential for this building to be used by the Lord. We spent about six weeks working and remodeling in order to hold our first service in February of 2005. The move to this location helped our people unite together as a team. We remodeled and changed the layout of this building 5 times over the course of 44 months to meet the needs of our growing church. It was in this building that we ordained our first deacons and hired our first assisant pastor. Including our nurseries, we had 10 Sunday school classes. In this location, we had a high day of 606 on “Harvest Sunday” 2007 with over 90 people trusting Christ as their Saviour that day.

2650 North Terrace

After much prayer, we moved to our current location. This move opened up many new opportunities for church growth. We have been in this location since 2008 and we currently have 11 Sunday school classes, 4 bus routes and support over 20 missionaries and have a vision to reach the world for Christ. We would love to have you be a part of our church as we make history in our current location.

3718 Norwood Road

God allowed us to purchase 6 acres of property less than 2 miles from our current location.  With God’s help and the sacrifice of His people, we plan to build a new building and move to this location in the next few years.

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